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24/7 Emergency Tree Services

If your trees have been damaged during a storm or high winds, we are here to help. We provide emergency tree services that are both quick and affordable. Whether you have a tree that has completely fallen over or branches that have been thrown all across your landscape, we have the equipment and the experience to fix the issue.
Dealing with fallen trees and branches can be a difficult and dangerous task. Storms and high winds can cause serious damage to trees and may need to be dealt with immediately. If you have a serious situation with your trees that needs to be handled immediately, just give us a call.

Storm Damage Clean Up Specialists

What’s the criteria for a hazardous tree? A tree that is potentially threatening to people or property caused by multiple reasons, such as: poor quality tree care or improper tree maintenance, victim of storm damage, decay or rot, disease from pests or insects such as the ALB or Asian Longhorned Beetle.
The odds are greater that a hazardous tree is more likely to… fall and cause property damage then a healthy tree. Trees tend to become hazardous threats when the tree maintenance has been ignored which allows for branches and limbs to become overgrown, disease from rot or pests sets in killing the tree from the inside out.
A tree risk assessment, is the only way to identify a hazardous tree and assess the proper way to go about removal. Dead trees, rotted or rotten trees are often the most likely candidates for tree removal. Any reputable tree company can determine by a simple tree structure evaluation which trees pose the greatest potential risks to people and property. Healthy trees can easily fall victim to decay and disease. Even the strongest of tree species when gone unattended can be overcome by vermin. Proper tree care or pruning, tree shaping or thinning is essential in the longevity of a tree’s life.

Any Weather Any Damage

Blizzards. Rain Storms. Hail Storms. Wind Damage. We do it all!

We are licensed arborists who can work with your yard and trees to save what we can and remove the downed or damaged trees.

Our emergency tree removal service is insured, bonded & certified. We operate a highly experienced tree and branch removal that have experience working during and after severe storms and extreme weather.

If you are in need of emergency tree service due to a storm or other conditions, please call us immediately at 443-678-9457.

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If you have any question, we encourage you to schedule an appointment or phone consultation with one of our experts. We are pleased to offer all types of tree services for the needs of your family or business.


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